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Welcome to TORUX Software, a prime IT consultancy providing Financial Risk Management and Project&Asset Valuation services. We specialize in:

  • The implementation and customization of Risque (used by Investment Banks) and Value (used by Hedge Funds). Our main focus is in the management, business analysis and development of Toolkit/API projects, where we have gained the highest expertise after years of experience.
  • Project&Asset Valuation and Financial Risk Management services in the industries of Shipping, Mining, Oil&Gas, Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Real Estate, where we apply advanced computational techniques "transfered" from our financial derivatives pricing expertise. The significant funding we have been awarded by the European Union has boosted our growth.

  1. October 2013: Torux Software launches Crowd4Art, a platform that allows communities to jointly buy works of art and Artists fund their projects or sell their art directly to their friends and fans.Crowd4Art

  2. February 2013: Torux Software was awarded funding in the form of the Open Data Innovation Voucher by the Technology Strategy Board to work on Big Data Analytics for Equity Investments in cooperation with the Computer Science department of the University of Brighton.

  3. October 2012: Torux Software starts a Neuroscience Computational Modelling division to work on Neuroscience experiments software and computational modelling for the brain.

  4. July 2012: INBIOSOIL (EU-funded project) kick-off! Torux Software to work on advanced Biotechnology Investment Valuation software and methodology.

  5. September 2011: The European Union has awarded Torux Software with FP7 Eco-Innovation Funding to develop methodologies and software on Project/Asset Valuation using advanced computational/mathematical techniques.

  6. March 2011: Torux Software starts operating a development and support centre in Greece.

  7. October 2010: Torux Software starts offering Shipping Risk Management (Freight Derivatives) consulting services.

  8. February 2010: Torux Software sponsors a Kings College MSc in International Strategic Marketing project.

  9. November 2009: In cooperation with London Business School, Torux Software sponsors Strategic Marketing and Business Development projects.

  10. September 2009: Torux Software starts offering consulting services in the domain of Counterparty Credit Risk, through a contract with major European Investment Bank.

  11. July 2008: Torux Financial Engineering Course starts in Pune.
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  12. September 2007:  Our offices in Pune, India have just opened. This has given us access to a rich source of highly qualified and dynamic human resources, in one of India's fastest growing technology parks supported by the most up-to-date infrastructure.
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