What is the Financial Engineering Course?
Working as a software developer in the financial industry is a challenging role which demands high level of technical and financial knowledge. Torux software is a pioneering firm in this industry in India and we operate globally, in the greatest financial centers.
Financial Engineering Course is a 12-week (4 hours per week) course in which you will be taught various modules of C++ applied in the financial industry and you will significantly enhance your knowledge in finance.
What are the future prospects of the course?
NCFM certification is very popular and career boosting for those interested to make career in finance and very helpful in getting job opportunities in India.
  • Financial Engineering Course covers the design, analysis, and construction of financial concepts to meet the needs of today’s enterprises 
  • There is an increasing demand for professionals in this field, especially those trained in both the underlying mathematics/computer technologies and finance
  •  The curriculum in Financial Engineering is difficult for students without a background in finance. For this reason, we have designed a three month program to begin in July
  • The course is designed for professionals who want to become Financial Engineers or need to understand Financial Engineering concepts. During this course, students learn Financial Engineering tools to perform real-world Financial Engineering tasks. This gives them the confidence to apply what they have learned back on the job
  • The Financial Engineering Course is perfect for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed by the terminologies of Financial Engineering. There is so much to know about stock market hi-and-low prices, shares, bear or bull market. This course explains such concepts, places them in context and describes what they mean
  • The course will give you “real” relevant knowledge and hand-on experience that no other course will. This will help you distinguish yourselves from their colleagues if they work for other financial companies. Having degrees and certifications is one thing, but having really useful knowledge is what eventually will make a difference
What is the NCFM Certification Preparation Course?
The course helps students to get prepared for appearing NCFM Certification exams.
How to get registered for the Financial Engineering Course and NCFM Certification Preparation Course?
You can register by downloading our registration form and send it to info[at]torux.net. We will then send you the information regarding payment.
What is the last date of registration?
Last date for the enrollment and payment of fee is one week before the start date.
Can this course be started in other cities?
No, for this year we are starting this course only in Pune.
Whether any certification will be given for the Financial Engineering Course and NCFM Certification Preparation Course?
Yes, you will be given certification of participation for the Financial Engineering Course. No certification for the NCFM Certification Preparation Course.
Whether any career opportunity after completion of the Financial Engineering Course?
Yes, best 2 candidates will get Internship from our company after completing Financial Engineering Course.
Whether this Financial Engineering Course and NCFM Certification Preparation Course will help me in getting job somewhere else also?
Yes, after completing this course, you will be self-confident enough to face any interview where in knowledge of financial concept is essential along with programming knowledge. After qualifying NCFM Certification various jobs in finance are available with good packages.
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