Top expertise in Risque/Value Toolkit/API
  • Training in all aspects of finance, cross-asset and front-to-back
  • Training in all advanced technologies
In addition to our Financial Engineering Course and NCFM module preparation, we also provide more specialized trainings to companies wishing to introduce or enhance their employees’ knowledge in both IT and Finance. We cover technologies and programming languages like C++, C#, SQL, PL/SQL, as well as business knowledge in every aspect of the financial markets, in all asset classes of financial instruments (Equities, FX, Bonds, Options, Futures, Commodities, Swaps, Exotic Financial Derivatives etc.) from Front Office to Middle and Back Office.
Our trainers are experienced practitioners in all training domains, having worked in projects, on-site, for some of the biggest Investment Banks and Hedge Funds in the world, like Barclays Capital, ING, Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets, Henderson (former New Star Asset Management), AXA Group, HSBC, credit Suisse, CLSA etc. Their international exposure, front-to-back business expertise and multi-technology skills, promise to be an inspiring learning experience to our client’s employees.
The training curriculum, duration and location (our premises in Pune, client site in Pune/Mumbai, or remotely), can be customised to meet your company’s needs.
For more information on how you can take advantage of our custom-made training packages, please email us at info[at]
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