Sandeep Munde
(Head, Financial Engineer / Consultant)

"I dreamed of landing in the Financial Sector, since in India this sector has huge growth potential and there are many aspects of finance still untouched or underdeveloped. I took up a job at Torux Software as Financial Engineer in October 2007. Strong knowledge of C++, mathematics and good communication skills helped me excel in my role. After numerous Investment Banking onsite project opportunities (London and Paris), I developed professionally and increased my confidence and ability to work independently in a dynamic and challenging work environment.
My performance, commitment and hard work were appreciated by Torux and I was quickly promoted to a managerial role as Head Financial Engineer / Consultant.I am currently heading project development teams and have widened my managerial skills.Overall, being at Torux is a like dream come true situation for me."

Jasvinder Singh Bhatia
(Project Manager / Business Analyst)
"I joined Torux Software in October 2007 in the role of Project Manager/Business Analyst. After completing my post graduation in Finance, I worked for a year and a half in a back office fund administrator, before joining Torux. The thought of working in a new company made me exhilarated as it comes with lots of challenges and includes immense learning. I was looking for a job in the financial derivatives field, which combines technical and analytical skills, as well as client interaction.
Soon after the initial internal training, which gave me vast knowledge on financial software architecture and complex financial derivatives products, I started working on projects for clients.
In Torux my main role is to prepare the business analysis documentation, testing, managing projects and monitoring the growth of the project so that it will be completed in the stipulated time. Apart from that, I am involved in running
software demonstrations and providing support and business consultancy to clients. After the basic training, I was given the opportunity to go to London, Europe's top financial centre, where I directly interacted with clients, worked on the trading floor of a big Investment Bank and met people with different backgrounds.
Working for Torux is a very interesting and challenging experience in a friendly, but also demanding work environment. My intelligent and highly motivated colleagues have significantly helped me improve my knowledge and skills. I truly enjoy working for Torux and looking forward to be involved in the future development of the company. "

Amrita Rao
(Analysis & Engineering Consultant )

"When I was in my final year of engineering, getting a job was an aspiration of every individual. So, naturally the environment was conducive to be in an IT job. To add to that, TORUX was just about emerging as an IT consulting powerhouse.
I joined Torux Software in Sept 2007. I am very happy with the responsibilities I have been given as time has passed, as they are a clear sign of the company’s esteem and trust.In my role as Analysis & Engineering Consultant there is a steep learning curve to become familiar with how our products are used & the financial concepts involved.
I am involved in Business Analysis process in financial products. Further more I can divide my experience into:
Respect:  Personal and professional opportunities here are endless. The company is always striving to improve  itself and at the same time giving individuals the motivation and encouragement to achieve their desires.
Fairness: My boss is a great leader. He can make hard but fair decisions, and he always seems to do the right thing. He values differences in people, which is a great asset."
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