Top expertise in Risque and Value Toolkit/API
We apply advanced computational techniques "transfered" from our financial derivatives pricing expertise to offer Project&Asset Valuation and Financial Risk Management services in the following industries:
  • Shipping
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Renewable Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate
We provide expert Methodology and Software solutions developed in C++, C#, Visual Basic (Excel/Word), ASP.NET in the .NET platform as well as Oracle SQL and PL/SQL. We have worked on numerous projects involving standalone applications, N-Tier architecture and Web Services.
Our services cover project and asset valuation using advanced computational techniques, scenario analysis, simulations, stress testing, reporting, interfacing, etc.
Awarded FP7 Eco-Innovation Funding for Project/Asset Valuation
Torux Software expertise has led to the award of significant funding from the FP7 Eco-Innovation packages of the European Union to develop Project/Asset Valuation and Economical/Financial feasibility analysis methodologies and software.
In shipping Torux Software provides the following services:
  • Freight Derivatives: a) Consulting on hedging strategies with listed or OTC freight derivatives which can be used to protect future income from abrupt changes in freight rates. b) Setting up of broker accounts. c) Consulting on how you can speculate on the freight markets using financial instead of physical assets.
  • Ship Financing: a) Generate the financials (P&L, Balance Sheet, Cashflows) part of a loan application in cooperation with the ship-owner, including input from financial markets (e.g. FFA curves). b) Perform scenario analysis and simulations on expected freight income to demonstrate the financial viability of the project and the break even points of future cashflows. c) Perform scenario analysis and simulations on the value of the vessel, which are of great importance to the financiers, considering the vessel is used as collateral for the loan.
  • Shipbuilding Options Valuation: Valuation of the options given by shipbuilders to shipowners. Often when a new-built vessel purchase takes place, an option to buy another vessel further down the series in the future, is used as a sweetener for the deal. Considering the high volatility of ship prices, such optionalities can be worth millions and should be negotiated with great care.
Please contact us at info[at] for more information on our Project&Asset Valuation services.
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